Confessions of a WERKaholic Podcast w/ Patrice C. Washington

Confessions of a WERKaholic Podcast w/ Patrice C. Washington

Welcome to Confessions of a WERKaholic where we share the untold success secrets of fearless female bosses! One major life changing lesson I've learned on my Entrepreneurial journey is that the real power, the true leverage is in people. We learn from one another, we support one another and most importantly, we connect one another. My goal is to always learn at least one lesson from everyone I come in contact with because our connection was no accident.

So, in this series I'm sharing wisdom and knowledge through the experience of WERKing women I'm blessed to know. We're talking partnerships, success secrets, business tips, personal development and every other essential topic for purpose driven women like YOU! 

In episode 1, I had a powerful conversation with The Money Maven- Patrice C. Washington! She is a Best Selling Author who's been featured on CNN Money, Black Enterprise, Huffington Post and more! She's also a radio personality on the Steve Harvey Radio Show where she shares wealth wisdom that will lead you to financial freedom! Since money makes the world go round, I thought it would be perfect to open up the series by sharing her story! 

When asked about her success secrets, Patrice lists CONFIDENCE among her top 3! She goes on to explain the importance of knowing your purpose and being able to express it to others. After all, if you haven't convinced yourself it's going to be pretty hard to convince others! She was a self-proclaimed best selling Author before she ever even wrote her book...all because she understood the power of speaking positively over her life. She didn't wait for someone to crown her, she began crowning herself as the Money Maven and eventually the world caught on! One very important aspect of personal happiness is your relationships. We're often told of the "BOSS CHICKS" who have everything except a man and eventually we begin to believe that we have to choose one or the other..a successful business or a successful marriage. So I am especially inspired by Patrice's ability to manage and maintain (not balance) her career, her marriage and her role as a mommy! In our interview, she talks about the importance of being her daughters first example that "it's possible!" and that is a beautiful thing...

Get your notebook ready because she is sharing some life changing lessons! You can listen to the full interview here.

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