Confessions of a WERKaholic w/ the Baby Shopaholic

Confessions of a WERKaholic w/ the Baby Shopaholic

Welcome to Confessions of a WERKaholic where we share the untold success secrets of fearless female bosses! One major life changing lesson I’ve learned on my Entrepreneurial journey is that the real power, the true leverage is in people. We learn from one another, we support one another and most importantly, we connect one another. My goal is to always learn at least one lesson from everyone I come in contact with because our connection was no accident.

So, in this series I’m sharing wisdom and knowledge through the experience of WERKing women I’m blessed to know. We’re talking partnerships, success secrets, business tips, personal development and every other essential topic for purpose driven women like YOU! 

In episode 8, Trina Small aka The Baby Shopaholic confesses it all! Wife, mom, and fashion-obsessed shopaholic, Trina, knows that being fab has no starting age. [Check out her blog here.] She managed to quit her 9 to 5 to blog full time for her family blog which features her two baby girls Peyton and Harper! During our conversation, she shared so many priceless pearls of wisdom on everything from time management, stress relievers and balancing mommy and wife life while maintaining her brand! If you didn't think there was money in blogging, this confession episode is sure to shock you! Tune in to our very first episode of the year as Trina shares a ton of other success secrets, productivity tips and tools for entrepreneurs! 


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