WERK101: Get-Your-Life-Together Guide

WERK101: Get-Your-Life-Together Guide

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WERK 101: Get Your Life Together Guide, is a fresh literary gold mine making its debut. WERK 101, written by Koereyelle DuBose is proving to be a staple to distinctive women who have a desire to take their lives to the next level. Essence Relationship Editor Charreah Jackson, raves“Koereyelle is a visionary creating a life of passion and purpose. In WERK 101, she freely shares her incredible insight for women around the world to do the same. I first met Koereyelle through her organization The Single Wives Club and have been consistently informed and inspired by her work. She epitomizes girl power.” 

WERK 101 is the purpose guide that every woman thirsts for. It is an organic work of proven methods to help women recognize and manifests their destinies. All copies from this site come signed!

Other wisdom shared in the book includes resources and insights from Master Herbalist Jerri Evans, Tom Joyner Morning Show Producer and Best Selling Author Deya “Direct” Smith, and Essence Magazine’s Charreah Jackson. 

A few components of WERK 101: Get Your Life Together Guide include:
1. Over 75 proven tips, tricks, and tools
2. Encourages women to live their best lives
3. Affirmations and quotes

**For more activities, grab the workbook too!

Size: 4x6, fits perfectly in your purse or pocket.

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