Shopify Side Hustle STARTER KIT

Shopify Side Hustle STARTER KIT

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This WEBINAR covers:
•How to decide what to sell (you won't make money if you sell the wrong things)
•How to market your shop
•How to design your site yourself OR pay little to no money to get someone else to do it for you
•How to take your shop from basic to BOSSY without breaking the bank
•My favorite money making apps to boost sales and bring in more customers

+ This webinar includes a live training covering the basics of setting up your Shopify site and a code for a 14-day free trial

This WERKshop is for you if:
•You don't have a ton of time to start a business
•You've thought about starting a shop but you don't know what to sell
•You don't just want a website, you want a shop that actually makes sales

Entrepreneurship isn't for everyone but multiple streams of income is.



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