What Trainings Will I Receive?

Werk U offers trainings and resources in different industries. We offer specific trainings and general resources to help you improve your mindset, increase your income and run a better business! Some examples include: Profit Plans, Mastering Marketing Campaigns Training, Broadcasting 101: How to Leverage Live Streaming Training and more!

How Often Are New Resources Added?

New resources and trainings are added every month. Emails and announcements are sent to notify you when they are available.

What If I Need Help?

We have a help desk available Mon-Friday from 3pm-7pm to accommodate you. You can call 404-868-9798 or us the contact form. We also have office hours once a month with industry experts so that you can pick their brain.

How Does the Multiple Streams Marketplace Work?

The Multiple Streams Marketplace was created to host classes from Industry Experts like Teri Ijeoma (self-paced course that helps everyday people trade stocks for income!) and Kemoy Martin (Creator of the course that helps you build a multiple 6 figure Airbnb business). This partnerships exposes Werk U students to a wealth of knowledge at a discounted price. This is an affiliate partnership. Werk U does not own or control the content provided in the courses you will take.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

We would hate to see you leave, but we understand that things change sometimes. If you need to end your membership you can cancel at anytime. Please contact us at hello@werkuniversity.com if you need assistance.